Prepping your home for the summer

Austin can average 90° plus days for over four months.  It is not too early to get your house prepared for the heat to save you money and keep your home in tip top shape.  When you purchased your home you most likely had a home inspection. The most valuable things these professionals share with  is how to maintain your home in the future and not just what is wrong with the home on the day it is inspected. This might be a helpful resource and following are some common suggestions. Other areas you might concentrate on would be seasonal outdoor care and possible energy saving ideas for the future.

Inspector suggestions

  1. Service your A/C and change filter
  2. Insulate your HVAC refrigerant line
  3. Test for ventilation leaks around doors and windows
  4. Create a barrier for bugs coming into your home
  5. Increase attic insulation and ventilation
  6. Maintain soil sloping away from your house and vegetation from touching the house

Outdoor clean up

  1. Check all your lawn and garden tools
  2. Clean windows and repair screens
  3. Clean gutters and check roof
  4. Check outdoor plumbing and sprinkler system to prevent water damage and waste
  5. Paint front door and trim that needs touching up
  6. Stain your fence

Increasing energy efficiency

  1. Check into Wi-Fi smart thermostat that you can regulate when you are not home
  2. Install solar screens or insulated curtains for the South and West windows
  3. Use dryer sheets to reduce drying time
  4. Change  your ceiling fan direction to counter clockwise so hot air goes up
  5. Schedule an energy audit by a City of Austin Specialist