A Brief History of Pflugerville

Pflugerville, Texas is located in Travis County 15 miles north of the Colorado River.  The city was founded in 1860 and named in honor of a German settler by the name of Henry Pfluger who arrived in the area in 1849.  The town started out as a post office and a general store owned by a man named William Bohls.

Henry Pfluger left his home of Germany to escape the Prussian War, and purchased 160 acres from his brother in law, before purchasing a larger farm in present day Pflugerville.  There, he and his family grew corn, wheat, rye, beans, sugarcane, and sweet potatoes. They also raised cattle, and took their livestock up the Chisholm Trail.

A community slowly began to develop after the Civil War, with a school and a Lutheran Church.  There were smaller businesses in the area, but most people still did most of their business in Round Rock.  The Missouri-Kansas-Texas line provided the city with a great boom in population, and Otto Pfluger, one of Henry Pfluger’s sons, built the city’s first gin in 1904.  

With the Great Depression, the population of Pflugerville decreased, as residents moved to larger towns to find work.  

In late 1957, a town meeting was held to see about the possibility to incorporate the city of Pflugerville.  An election was finally held July 24th, 1965, and with a vote count of 60 to 40, Pflugerville was incorporated into a city.  

The city continued to grow and established a local newspaper called the Pflugerville Pflag in 1980. The 80’s were a time of rapid growth for the town, and Pflugerville was even named the state’s fastest growing community.

Since then, Pflugerville’s popularity and wonderful community have attracted residents from all over the state.  The current population is a whopping 56,893, and boasts a wonderful community for families.